Seminole Lakes as a Wildlife Sanchuary

Wildlife is abundant at Seminole Lakes. Stories are told of raccoons stealing golf balls on #3. Fish Crows stealing balls and taking flight on #12. Osprey and Eagles fish daily in our lakes. A brown Pelican regularly visits the lake along #18 during the winter season. Cormorants not a summer resident in our lakes return in the winter and claim the lake around #13  as home for the season. Sometimes they swim in formation. Mottled ducks are resident and claim the lake on and around #5 their home. Fierce flights have been observed when one invades another's 'territory'. #5 and #11 are homes to Sand hill Cranes and there are gopher turtles on #11. Bald Eagles often use the old snag behind #9 as a perch. Our winter visitors who fly the farthest (we think) are from the northern tier of the NW Canadian Provinces. Yes we do have gators and this year mama brought her babies to the lake on #3 tee box. A Red Shoulldered hawn nests in a live oak tree on teh 17th fairway. Nesting Great Blue Herons and Anninga's can be seen from many of our greens. Year-around and winter residents (the true snow birds) include migratory waterfowl/shore birds, raptors, and song birds. All of the listed birds are here winter and/or summer. Song birds are abundant, warblers, thrushes, cardinals, swifts, etc. 

        Bald Eagle     Great Egret     Killdeer     Gray Catbbird     Osprey     Wood Stork    Mourning Dove                           Northern Mockingbird     Swallow-tailed Kite     Glossy Ibis     Eurasian Collared Dove                      Brown Thrasher     Red-shouldered Hawk     White Ibis     Belted Kingfisher     European Starling      Turkey Vulture      Scarlet Ibis     Red Bellied Woodpecker     Pine Warbler     Anhinga     Mottled Duck           Pleated Woodpecker     Yellow-romped Warbler    Cormorant     Ring-necked Duck     Eastern Phoebe            Field Sparrow     Snowy Egret     Red-breasted Merganser     Loggerhead Shrike     Grackle     Tri-colored Heron     Common Moorhen     Blue Jay     Brown Pelican     Little Blue Heron     Sandhill Crane     Fish Crow                       Great Horned Owl     Green Heron     Lesser Yellowlegs     American Robin

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