The Golf Course-the Hole Story

Hole #1, B/195/W/175 R/125

This is an elevated tee, the green is guarded by a bunker on the left. Too far left off the tee will put you in the Dolly Parton's. Too long and you face a difficult up and down. Palms and pines line the right side of the fairway.

Hole #2, B130/W120/R/105/95

This hole presents the first water challenge, from an elevated tee box, accuracy is important here. The green is guarded by bunkers on the front left and upper right side. A shot too far left will leave you in the palmetto islands, not a good place to be.

Hole #3, B/365/W/310/R/260

Tee boxes for B/W are over water. To be safe your drive must be at least 225 yards. From the B/W tees this is a dog leg right. The green is guarded on the left front with a bunker and short apron on the right, adjacent to the Brazilian thicket. There is a drop area across the water.

Hole #4, B/140/W/125/R/115

A delicate shot here to a slightly elevated green, guarded by a bunker on the left and waste area, center right. Palm trees guard the right front. These palms are a ball magnet!

Hole #5, B/345/W/275/R/250

Your tee shot should not exceed 240 yards. There is a lake along right side of fairway, terminating completely across the fairway. Guarding the green on left front is a bunker, approximately 100 yards from the green, drop area on oher side of water.

Hole #6, B/215/W170/R140

One of our most difficult holes. B/W tees must carry the water, stay left of center when placing your ball on the green. Two bunkers on left side of fairway anda grass strip of 15-20 yards seperates them. Waste area behind green. There is a drop area.

Hole #7, B/155/W140/R/130

Straight forward Par 3, avoid leaning Palm tree guarding the green, a bunker behind it on right. Waste area on left side of green. Over the green and you are in the Brazilian Pepper thicket.

Hole #8, B/160/W150/R140

This Par 3 has an elevated tee box which affords you a look at the undulating green that is guarded by a deep bunker on left front, and a waste area on right. Fairway is lined with Palms on right.

Hole #9, B/115/W105/Red/95

To complete the front nine requires an extremely delicate shot to the green.  Anything over the green will go into the Brazilian Peppers. A short shot and you will find the large waste area guarding the entire front of the green. There is an apron of 3-6 feet in front of the green.

Hole #10, B330/W300/R/250

This hole begins a series of Par 4's. An elevated tee with a wide fairway bordered on right by the Dolly Parton's, which run the length of the fairway and on the left Palms and Live Oaks. The green is guarded by large bunkers on the left front and right side. And yes, over the green, Brazilian Pepper thicket.

Hole #11, B/415/W/385/R/310

Our most challenging hole. At least a 225 yard drive will allow you to go to the green on your second shot. Otherwise you may choose to lay up. It is approximately 105-115 yards across the water to the fairway. Staying straight will avoid the sand trap on the left side of the fairway. An elevated green is guarded on left and right by bunkers, water wraps around the green. There is a good size apron, and a drop area over the water.

Hole #12, B/310/W/290/R/255

Once your cross the entrance road to the Seminole Lakes Community, a Par 4, marked by a narrow fairway, lined by Palms, live Oaks and fairway bunkers.  Your challenge will be to place your approach shot on the green that has a slight tilt toward the water. This elevated green is guarded by a steep lipped bunker on left, water on right and rear of green. Be aware of Palm to right and front of green. This is another ball magnet.

Hole #13, B/205/W195/R/155

A long Par 3, fairway with water on right side, bunker on right, the green has a slope to it. To make things more interesting the apron slopes to the front. Careful ball placement here is a must.

Hole #14, B/140/W/135/R/130

Relatively short Par 3, a large green securely guarded by bunkers, left and right. Taking your ball just over the traps onto the apron will cause the ball to bounce right on the left trap and left on the right trap. be aware of water behind green.

Hole #15, B/130/W/125/R/120

Another short par 3 will again take you over water on all tees. This is a large undulating green that is guarded by bunkers on left and right(2). Pay attention to wind speed and direction.

Hole #16, B/335/W/265/R/220

Important to stay in center of fairway since any shot wide will bring Palms and Live Oaks into play on 2nd shot. Two bunkers on left side of green.

Hole #17, B/225/W/210/R/195

A Par 4 that requires placement of your tee shot. Long hitters can reach the green but beware of Palm trees and bunkers that guard the small green on both sides. Smart play here is to be right of center with 2nd shot to green. Palms and Live Oaks line the fairway.

Hole #18, B/370/W/300/R/245

This finishing hole will provide you with a challenging first shot. Stay right of center in the landing area for a clear 2nd shot to the green which is guarded on three sides by bunkers. Water runs along the right side of the fairway and green.